First Edition – Technical Requirements

The technical requirements for the staging of First Edition are:

SPACE – the show requires a performance area 10m by 10 m in size. The area may be defined by either black curtains or, if the available area is larger but open, a focused area of white light that defines a playing space that size. The show is suitable for a theatre with the audience principally in front of the stage, but an audience that curves around the side of the performing space is acceptable. It is NOT suitable for such non-theatrical spaces as a lecture theatre, a classroom or a hall, unless significant modifications have taken place, the most important of which is the capacity to black out the space.

LIGHTING – a white wash over the central performing area that can be faded in and out during the show is required. House lighting before and after the show is assumed.

LIGHTING OPERATOR – a lighting operator will be required to operate the show and attend a briefing/tech run through two hours before the advertised show time. That person will be issued with a very easy to follow running sheet for the performance. This is not an onerous task as the show is very simple in a technical sense.

SOUND – a front-of-house sound system is required to play intro and outro music which will be supplied on the day of the performance.

BLACKOUT – the performance area needs to be able to blacked out during the show; this is a non-negotiable requirement.

POWER – a standard domestic mains outlet (to power a laptop, a projector and a lectern light) needs to be provided within 2 metres of the edge of the playing area.

AUDIENCE CAPACITY – the show is suitable for audiences between 50 and 200. It can be performed for larger numbers, but at least two weeks advance warning/preparation time to adjust the performance is required. And a supplementary fee will be charged in such cases.

ACCESS – access to the performance space with no one else present (other than tech crew or support crew) is required for a minimum of four hours before the advertised performance time.

DRESSING/GREEN ROOM – a dedicated space away from, but near to the performing space is required from four hours before the show until two hours after the show. This is to be secure and, ideally, lockable.

GET-OUT – once the last audience member has left the auditorium two hours is required to clear the performance area. In all likelihood, the get-out will be quicker than this, but it is best to allow for two hours.

MEDIA/PUBLICITY – Simon Clews will be available for whatever publicity the venue wishes to arrange – online prior to the performance (unless he is in the same city) and in-person on the day of the performance. Posters, flyers, etc. can be made available digitally for the venue to overwrite and print themselves.